New SAFE Association Canadian Chapter 2013-2014 Executive Board

We are pleased to announce your SAFE Association Canadian Chapter 2013-2014 Executive Board!

Your new Board Members are as follows:

Past President – Sheri Armstrong

President – Helena Vandeweerd

Vice President – Craig Wilkens

Secretary - Piet TenBruggencate

Treasurer – Rick Wong

Membership – Lissa Taylor

Activities & Meetings – Ernie Parolin

Regional Meeting Minutes March 19, 2012

Board Members:

President -  Sheri Armstrong

Vice President  -  Rick Wong

Past President – Jason Leggatt

Treasurer  – Helena  Vandeweerd

Meetings & Events - Ernie Parolin

Secretary  - Wes  Armstrong

The meeting was held at the Fireside Lounge, 8 Wing Trenton, Warrants and Sergeants Mess

Agenda Items:

The meeting was opened at 18:04 EST by the President.

  • ·         A hearty welcome was given by the President to the many people that attended the evening meeting. A quick count indicated that we had 34 people in attendance at the meeting, made up of Corporate Members, Current Members and interested personnel that participated with us in the tours, briefings and demonstrations in the various shops.
  • ·         The New Corporate members, CASP Aerospace, 3M, DECA Aviation and ROSS Consulting were recognized and thanked for their participation in the two day event.
  • ·          WO Frank was thanked for his tremendous efforts in assembling a Chapter Meeting and arranging the tours of 8 Wing. This was only day 1 and there was much more to look forward to the following day.
  1. Coming Events – Bi-Annual Meeting
  • ·         The general announcement for the Bi-Annual meeting was made. This will be occurring May 28-29 at the Warrants and Sergeants Mess in Ottawa.
  • ·         Hours for the event are planned as follows, 0830 start ending at 1500 and Tuesday starting at 0830 and ending at 1500.
  • ·         The activities will be similar to previous symposiums with keynote speakers and briefings from our military partners and corporate members throughout the two day event.
  • ·         Efforts are being made to arrange for a tour of a member facility on one of the two days. More on this will be made available in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas please pass on your suggestion s to the Executive for consideration.
  • ·         The ALSE Community will not be having their annual event. It has been suggested that we may have several individuals that would normally participate in those meetings join our Chapter for those dates.
  • ·         Based on the initial responses from the community we do expect a full room for the duration.
  1.  Membership – Individual, Corporate and Special.
  • ·         A request was made that all members that have not paid their dues for 2012 contact the Chapter Treasurer Helena Vandeweerd Helena@tulmar.com and make arrangements for submission of their dues $10.00 for regular members and $100.00 for corporate members.
  • ·         The dues are used to conduct meetings such as this.
  1.  Website
  • ·         Any members with photos they would like to add to the website, please direct them to either Wes Armstrong wes@tslaerospace.com or Carrie Legace carrie@tslaerospace.com for inclusion in the site. Corporate Members are asked to make submissions to populate the Home Page slideshow.
  • ·         Please forward any interesting events or Corporate news to the above to be added to the news for the chapter.
  1. National Defence, appointment of a Canadian Chapter SAFE Liaison – no discussion.
  1. Future teleconference meeting – April 5 2012.
  1. There being no further business the President moved that the meeting be closed, seconded by Rick Wong. The meeting ended at 18:23



Meeting Summary

The First Regional Canadian Chapter Meeting was held March 19 and 20 at 8 Wing Trenton. With one SAFE Association Chapter in Canada, the second largest country in the world by total area, finding the best location for the Premiere Regional Meeting presented a logistical concern. Once it was determined that we should conduct this at the largest Air Base we had in Canada, the plan was set in motion. By all accounts this was a very successful event and extremely well co-ordinated, thanks to WO Brian Frank, Sgt. Patricia Bedard, MCPL Sandy McLeod and ATESS 8 Wing in general. Every detail was attended to, all the required equipment worked and the schedule was adhered to. What else could we have asked for?

It is very important to understand that the venue for the meeting was at the RCAF Museum, with the Halifax exhibit as a back drop. What a perfect location.

With the purpose of meeting being a move to reach out to the community and bring the Corporate and User communities together, this was a very successful event. the meeting was opened by LCol. Jim Bates, with a core of 35 members and non-members in attendance, His address to the Chapter was the message that this type of event is of great interest to ATESS and 8 Wing in general. Having the SAFE community attend at the Base and conduct a meeting that is of mutual benefit to both sides can only serve to improve the communications, understanding and relationships of the Military and the supplier community.

The address from LCol Bates was a tremendous “kick-start” to the event. Following the opening address, Sheri Armstrong, Chapter President provided the opening remarks for the Chapter. We were then provided a very detailed overview of the significant developments to 8 Wing by Mr. Peter Irwin, CE. For those of you that have not been to Trenton in the past 12 months, the changes are very impressive. According to Mr. Irwin, there is more to come in the next 12 months and this will make 8 Wing the most advanced in  Canada, with many aspects of the base such as the Simulator Training the most advanced in the world.

This was followed by several Corporate presentations from the many companies identified in the agenda. It is important to note that in attendance, we had four new corporate members, two of whom had presentations for the Chapter. While we are familiar with a number of the corporate members, there was a taste of the efforts by these companies to bring new or emerging technologies to the industry.

Following an informal, networking lunch at the Museum, the base tours began. The starting point was the ALSE Shops commencing with a detailed description of the processes and activities in the Integrated Health Monitoring area, where exhaustive evaluations of aircraft engine oils are closely examined at the atomic level. MCpl Hough led the group through the many areas of the building and explained the significant processes they go through to predict and greatly limit engine damage. Exceptionally informative overall.

The last tour of the day was with ASDS Aircraft Life Support Section. In this segment we were introduced to the numerous activities that the ATESS personnel are capable of handling. The tour took us through the Oxygen Line manufacturing area, Oxygen Cleaning Shop, Sewing Shops, Regulator Testing and finally the Emergency Breathing equipment area where we discussed and learned of the many very involved processes of servicing and rebuilding of the kit. At one point during the tour, WO Frank introduced us to a favoured element of a previous life he enjoyed as an aircraft armourer. See the tour photographs.

At the end of day one, we met at the Fireside Lounge, in the Warrants and Sergeants Mess. Again an excellent area for our group to meet, enjoy some food, drinks and one of the Chapters’ customary brief meetings. Meeting minutes (all 19 minutes worth) will be posted on the Chapter Website by mid-April.

Tuesday started at the RAS – Research and Salvage Shop. Here MCpl Turcotte provided an overview of the type of work involved in the process through a series of photographs of several recoveries that they have recently conducted. The introduction to the equipment used, their capabilities and ingenious methods of movement and recovery of the aircraft were very educational to all.

The next set of stops was conducted by  Major Travis provided us with an excellent overview of the in-house capabilities of the CF to make and manufacture almost anything they need, anytime they need it with some very unique and leading edge equipment. We were lucky to catch a few minutes of an instructional session for the State of the Art Co-ordinate Measuring Machine,. The equipment in the Machine Shop was explained]  in general, and we received an excellent understanding of the interest and dedication of the members that work there.

MWO Aiden Brake conducted us through the Non-Destructive Testing shops. Here we were introduced to the many methods and extreme detail of inspection that ATESS is capable carrying out. The methods and range of inspections available are remarkable.

Our final tour was at the brand new Refinishing Shop. This is a very advanced facility complete with state of the art equipment for all aspects of aircraft refinishing and composites work. This is a significant enhancement from what the personnel have been using and from all aspects this is a superior facility.

The Refinishing Shop was the last stop on our tour. We met up at the canteen for some sandwiches and closing words and a promise to do this again.  For the First Regional Meeting, this was an exceptional start.

INVITATION to the First Regional Canadian Chapter SAFE Association Meeting

All Members:
With the help of WO Brain Frank, ATESS we are well on our way to our first regional meeting. Many
thanks to WO Frank for providing the venue and inside help in getting this launched.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring SAFE to the membership. On so many occasions, limited
budgets have prevented both Corporate Members and Regular Members from meeting at the major events,
and having the opportunity to see what SAFE is about. To this end we will be carrying out Regional
Meetings across the country at every reasonable opportunity. Hopefully this will boost interest in
the organization and participation from all corners of Canada.

The details for the meeting are coming together quickly, but to provide you with some advanced
notice, the meeting will be held March 19-20 at 8 Wing. We will have company or industry briefings
on Monday March 19, followed by presentations from various sectors of
8 Wings describing their activities within the Canadian Forces and specifically on the base.

WO Frank has arranged for us to have the RCAF Museum as our venue. What better place could we ask
for on the base for a meeting such as this.

All Corporate Members interested in providing a capabilities or company presentations are invited
to submit their interest to the secretary Wes Armstrong  wes@tslaerospace.com . Presentations times
will be awarded on a first ask basis.

Hotel accommodation information and Meeting Agenda will be available shortly.
Sheri Armstrong

Meeting Agenda Dec 2 2011

Board Members:
President – Sheri Armstrong
Vice President –  Rick Wong
Past President – Jason Leggatt
Treasurer  – Helena -Vandeweerd
Meetings & Events – Ernie Parolin
Secretary – Wes Armstrong

The meeting was conducted via teleconference at 1400 EST – 1100 PST, courtesy of Mustang Survival and their Teleconferencing System.

Agenda Items:

  1. Reading of minutes of the AGM.
    -          It was moved by rick Wong that minutes of the previous meeting be adopted as read.
    -          Seconded by Ernie Parolin.
  1. Chapter Finances
    -          The Treasurers report was not available, but it was agreed that it was unchanged from the previous meeting.
    -          Sheri Armstrong reported that the Poppy sales by John Winship at Reno, generated $65.00. this money was returned to the Legion in Kingston where the poppies were originally received. A collective “Well done” is directed to John, for this effort and introducing or International SAFE friends of the significance of this symbol.
  2. Discuss  -  2012 Joint Chapter Meeting
    -          The date for the joint Chapter Meeting in Ottawa has been established for the dates of May 28 and 29 2012. This event will precede the CANSEC Trade Show.
    -          Capt Dan Wilson has secured the Warrants and Sergeants Mess for these dates. In addition he has co-ordinated the discussion between the Executive and the Mess for meals, coffee etc. Thank you Capt. Wilson.
    -          Invitations will be sent to all other Chapters in January soliciting their  participation. Based on the interest at Reno, this should be a very full agenda.
    -          The idea of identifying the segments of the Symposium by themes was discussed and agreed to. For this meeting, we will view the briefing sessions as three separate segments and establish a concise theme for each.
    -          With the publication of these minutes, we ask the membership to provide us with ideas for themes. These should be relevant activities within Canada or National Defence and represent a segment of the industry.
    -          As an example the theme of Arctic Sovereignty was discussed. This is relevant and addresses specific sectors of our industry.  Others were Afghanistan and the Canadian Forces in the Security Role, National Security and specific security forces with unique ALSE type connections. Jason Leggatt for instance had a member of the RCMP Aviation Detachment for the last Symposium but unfortunately this much anticipated briefing was cancelled.
    -          The final point there was that the Executive will ask for participation from the membership to identify and champion the Themes.
  1. Regional Meeting – Trenton Spring 2012.
    -          It was reported that the Spring Regional Meeting has approval in general from 8 Wing and ATESS is committed to host this meeting.
    -          We are looking to use the meeting time to have local corporate SAFE Association members make presentations at this meeting (day 1), followed by  tours of the ATESS shops and presentations by the Canadian Forces, to Industry to identify what is current with the base and needs of the various shops.
    -          Discussions are on-going with WO Frank and MCpl McLeod. We see that this has community support and anticipate a very successful event.
    -          Proposed dates for this are March 19 and 20 or March 26 and 27. WO Frank will provide us with the best date for the function.
  1. Membership – individual and corporate – increases/decreases.
    -          We have added three corporate members in the last quarter with two others planning on joining our community. Check the website www.safeassociation.ca for updates.
    -          Please review the membership list. Ensure that you have been correctly identified on the list. We use this to get our message to the membership.
  1. Website
    -          There have been some additions to the website and membership lists updated. We feel this will take another 60 days before it is cleaned up.
  1. National Defence , Canadian Chapter SAFE Liaison
    -          A discussion was held on the idea of establishing a National Defence Liaison Position or Positions on the Board of Directors. The idea was received and recognized. More discussion is required to define what the responsibilities of this Director would be.
  1. Future meeting
    -          January 13 2012  1400EST
  2. Close 
    1515 EST  1215 PST

SAFE Symposium Reno Nevada October 23-26, 2011

ALL Canadian Chapter members:

Here is the general notice for the upcoming SAFE Symposium in Reno Nevada. Please let us know if you plan on attending as we are arranging a Chapter meeting. It would be very helpful if we had advance notice of the number of members that would be attending.

The SAFE Association is presenting its 49th Annual Symposium. Composed of   Government, Military, Industrial, and Academic interests, SAFE represents aviation, space, land, and marine safety disciplines for the protection of users worldwide.

  • The Symposium provides an internationally attended marketplace for the exchange of technical information, product and service exhibitions, and the showcasing of industry capabilities for meeting challenges in vehicular occupant protection and personnel-worn safety equipment.
  • You are invited to participate in this tremendous opportunity and represent your company, agency, command, or institutional interests. The Symposium is comprised of industry exhibits, technical paper and panel sessions, workshops, lectures, and product demonstrations over a three day period. The SAFE Symposium is attended by acquisition and technical leaders from worldwide industry, governmental, and military agencies.
  • 49 thAnnual SAFE Symposium for representing your firm, command, agency or institution interests.
  • SAFE offers a diverse attendees demographic with approximately 50% industry and 50% customer group with nearly all the suppliers serving the markets identified. Many safety and survival attendees make SAFE their #1 priority meeting each year, with many scheduling design reviews, technical interchange meetings, and supplier coordination meetings during this event.


2011 Chapter Awards Luncheon – May 30 2011.

The Canadian Chapter held its Annual Awards Luncheon to recognize the work and efforts of two members in the Chapter, both of whom are well known to the SAFE Community.

Mr. Denis Rioux is this years recipient of the R.G. Bob Sutherland, Lifetime achievement award and Mr. John Winship, Gentex Corporation, received the Presidents Award from the Chapter’s Past President Jason Leggatt.

Chapter President, Sheri Armstrong presenting the R.G.


The event attracted over 30 members and well wishers that came to witness the presentations. The event started on time and presentations were carried out promptly to ensure that attendees could return to the many tasks at the office. There were several attendees however that did enjoy the luncheon and social component, keeping the doors open until 15:00 that afternoon.

The Chapter was delighted to have on hand for the presentations, Mr. Kirk Neprud, Secretary of the SAFE Association Board of Directors. Again our thanks to Kirk for taking the time to attend this function.

Mr. John Winship, Gentex Corporation (left) receiving his Presidents Award from Mr. Jason Leggatt, Mustang Survival- Past President Canadian Chapter.


CANSEC 2011, the largest military equipment show in Canada opened the following day. The Chapter holds this event the day prior to CANSEC in order to get as much participation from the membership as possible. This year was no disappointment.


With a country the size of Canada, connecting with the membership is difficult. Regional Chapter meetings have been approved by the Chapter Executive and our plan is to start with 8 Wing Trenton. The ALSE shops on this base are a critical component of Canada’s effort and it will be an exciting opportunity for the members, corporate, civilian and military to witness the effort conducted at this facility. WO Brian Frank has agreed to orchestrate the event with support from the Executive. Once the time is defined, an announcement inviting all SAFE members will be issued.


Canadian Chapter SAFE

submitted by Sheri Armstrong, Chapter President

1. New Meeting Format

Working with a small Executive Committee for 2011,  the Canadian Chapter of SAFE will embark on a National programme of member involvement by forgoing the formal semi-annual meetings and instead, hold a number of Regional Chapter meetings.

The Canadian Chapter membership is spread across a country of almost 4,000,000 square miles and five time zones. With restricted travel budgets, it is very difficult to achieve the desired level of interaction and participation from the membership. When we do have the opportunity to meet, there is so much material to cover, it is difficult at best, to recognize and understand the work and developments being conducted by the members.

Therefore the decision was made to engage the military and corporate members in their Regions. It is our hope to conduct meetings and tour member facilities in the Regions. Reports of the tours and meeting minutes will be published and the membership will have an opportunity to better understand the work and capabilities of the membership in Canada.

Be prepared for a call from the Executive.  We may request your logistical assistance to hold a meeting in your neighbourhood, complete with facility tours and educational sessions.

2. 2011 Chapter Awards Presentation Luncheon May 31 2011,  1130-1400.

The SAFE Canada Chapter is pleased to invite all SAFE members to join us for a special luncheon event on the eve of the CANSEC 2011 Exhibition in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to celebrate with our 2010/2011 Chapter Awardees.

At this event, we will be honoring the work and efforts of two special members in our Chapter.

R.G. “Bob” Sutherland, Lifetime Achievement Award – Denis Rioux

The Chapter is pleased to announce the 2010/2011 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Denis Rioux.

Chapter President’s Award John Winship

The Chapter is pleased to announce the 2010/2011 recipient of the Chapter President’s Award to Mr. John Winship.


Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George St., ByWard Market, Ottawa, ON

Phone: 613-241-1516

Please RSVP to Sheri Armstrong, Chapter President at sheri@tslaerospace.com

We look forward to seeing all the familiar faces again, and hopefully some new ones as well.  Please pass this on to colleagues who might be in town for CANSEC that you think would enjoy being a part of the SAFE Association community.